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Meditation gives you strength for your everyday life. It helps you relax and get in touch with your inner self. Through meditation you can reach a higher level of consciousness and it will make it easier for you to live in the here and now.

Meditation changes brain activity. It especially calms the areas that cause anxiety, mental illness and attention deficit disorders. It supports you to deal with your feelings differently so that you can move from weakness to strength. If you wish, I can help you to implement the inner truth you have found in meditation into everyday life.

The Meditation of the Heart is a mantra meditation with the mantra: “God is Love”.

It is a silent meditation where this mantra is moved and held in the heart. The recitation of the mantra is usually done in morning and evening sessions of 15 minutes. Certainly you can meditate more often or longer, but more important is a disciplined regularity that should not be made dependent on emotional fluctuations of the day. The mantra should be used in your mother tongue.

You can just come and participate and find out for yourself if this is your form of meditation. Once you have decided, there will be an initiation ceremony. A prerequisite for the meditation initiation is to be completely drug-free. The initiation serves to direct the energy flow stimulated by the meditation into the heart chakra and to deepen the experience of “God is love” in contact with your own love and truth. After this initiation, the mantra is used like an incessant chain of mental repetitions of “God is love”.

Initially disturbing thought patterns are a sign of lack of concentration, unresolved aspects of life and a not yet fully developed inner meditation level and disappear with regular use. A level of mantra recitation forms that can be used permanently parallel to the thought worlds and is not touched or disturbed by the flow of thoughts.

Between the information and the introduction to meditation there should be at least a 4-week period of reflection in which one’s own heart’s desires regarding the inner path can be explored. The meditation introduction is independent of religious affiliation or origin.

It is free of charge, as is participation in the meditations, and only brings about obligations and rights towards oneself.

The mantra of the golden age: “I am happy – I am love – I am light”.

Everyone can meditate on this mantra – preferably in their own mother tongue, and preferably for 15 minutes each in the morning and evening.

Let the mantra sink deep into you and sink deep into the mantra yourself so that you can FEEL your innermost HAPPINESS that you were born with and that is present in all your cells. Feel the LOVE within you, the love that you ARE! as it pours out – everywhere. Feel the vibration of the LIGHT that you ARE, feel how it is in you, constantly radiating from you.

You can try it yourself and/or participate in meditations together. If you have decided that this is your form of meditation, then you can be initiated into it.

During the initiation the mantra is initiated in all chakras, so it is constantly vibrating within you, even if you are not always aware of it. A prerequisite for the meditation initiation is to be completely drug-free. The meditation initiation is independent of religious affiliation or origin. It is free of charge, as is participation in the meditations, and you only have obligations and rights towards yourself.

In my experience, afterwards you will also become aware of everything in you that still resists being happy – everything that we don’t like about ourselves, that we don’t want to admit to ourselves, that we deny ourselves. Because all of this also wants to participate in our love and in our light! In this way, this meditation is a way to yourself – a way to let go of all that you are not, a way to really become who you are!

If you need help on your path of transformation – I will be happy to accompany you!


free of charge