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Dauris Waterbooster

Energize your drinking water!

After only 20 minutes on the water booster it will be energetically cleansed, creating water full of life, joy and light.

For best results use a glass container, for example a carafe.

The Waterbooster has a diameter of 14cm and is made of acrylic glass. This makes it light, transportable and almost unbreakable. It costs 90€ and can be sent to you by post!

You will be charged a flat rate of 5€ for packaging and the actual postage costs. Shipping is against prepayment.


Dauri’s Waterbooster – a loving perception from Ananda

After a few weeks of testing and observing the Waterbooster, I would like to share my experiences and perceptions with you.

First it just lies there on the table. Gently humming a golden tone he just radiates to himself. And waits to show his being openly as soon as you put a glass of water on it.

To put the glass on the Waterbooster is like an ‘on’ switch. At this moment it starts to tingle and dance, to sparkle and sound. I perceive a torus of rainbow-coloured, fiery sparkling tiny cosmic crystal tones. It sounds a bit like the cheerful, bright laughter and giggling of thousands of dancing, cosmic crystal beings who are happy to have been called and to be allowed to work.

They ascend in the middle through the glass and move down again in the torus outside. A constant cycle, which runs as long as the glass with the water stands on it.

The sound of the crystal tones smells magically of the golden happy-love-light that life gives us. When I walk into this field with my hand, happy, unconditional love flows through me.
(Dauri, you should really consider putting this in a bath essence or a bath pad 🙂 <3)

All this is then transferred to the water. The water becomes as vividly clear as water can be. It tastes fresh and alive. It feels as if the light of the water is distributed throughout the body while drinking. A wonderfully refreshing feeling. 

Of course I tried a little more. On the one hand, I always pour some of it into my coffee. When I start my morning with boiled water, I put my filled bottle of water on the Waterbooster in the evening and I use this water for cooking in the morning.

Then I put a vase with flowers on it, which I got as a present. So the flowers could enjoy themselves and me a few days longer with their blooming. They were also much more talkative than ‘normal’ cut flowers. 😉

Since also food consists to a certain percentage of water, one can put these naturally also on it. E.g. a pumpkin for a delicious soup or simply the ingredients of what you have in mind in the kitchen. 

Try the water to water the flowers and ask your plants what they think about. So with me came only positive and very grateful feedback.

So be creative and use the tools that the Source of Creation gives us. 

Thank you Dauri for making yourself available to bring this tool to earth. I wish all, who use it, a delicious pleasure and enjoyment.


From La Lindbladh

When I first used it, I was overwhelmed by the strong crystal light I could perceive in the water. With the water coasters I had so far, I only used the water for drinking. Now I feel the need to use this light-filled water for many things, for watering plants and sprouts and for cooking. The water gives me joy.


From Mala Reese

… concerning the waterbooster: I feel that the water get another structure and becomes much more soft. Thereby I don’t have a sore throat any longer when I’m drinking a lot of water.


From Sinta Wegener – 
Lightcenter Neustadt/Baltic Sea

Dauris Waterbooster is a very exceptionelly energizer. I love it!

The consumption of the water, the energy and the soulfulness expand really obviously.
But there is even a visible quality: Here in Neustadt/Holstein we have very hard water. With the booster the dead tapwater becomes so lively that there is no more calcification in my jar. I were completly flabbergasted and exited when I after some weeks discovered that I don’t have to decalcify my carafe any more!

Even for that: Thank you dear Dauri!