The light of the stones - Dauris
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The light of the stones

Crystal Healer training

My training includes both knowledge transfer and personal training.

The only entrance requirement is loving crystals.

The love for the crystals and the subtle worlds is the key, and the knowledge that we ourselves are light. If we recognise ourselves in this commonality that crystals and people have, it is easy to absorb the knowledge, to experience it ourselves and to pass it on.

The training is divided into three parts, 3x 3 days.

The first part of the training includes the training to perceive crystals, to get to know different groups of crystals, the relationship of crystals and chakras and the basic knowledge about crystals. You will experience the crystal worlds of the earth and their power. Ancient Lemurian knowledge comes alive again. In your first experiences with treatments you will experience the effect of crystals and yourself as a crystal healer.

In the second part of the training, the focus is on working with crystals and chakras. Old Atlantean knowledge becomes accessible to you again. You will continue and deepen your practice of treating people and nature with crystals.

In the 3rd part of the training you will find your personal healing stones at the latest, with which you will work. You will gain access to the techniques that you have specifically taken for this golden age, recognise and practise your personal working techniques, skills and competences and will be trained individually.


05.-10.09.2023 and 10.-12.11.2023




Amritabha, Ribeauville

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