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Individual session

Your next step

The aim of my treatments is always that, no matter what complaints you have, you feel better. That you come closer to yourself, so that you can perceive yourself better, find your own expression and enjoy living yourself.

The basic elements of my treatments are: Counseling, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Surgery and Energetic Osteopathy.

To start with I recommend a sequence of 5 treatments so that you have a base to go on from. At our first meeting we will discuss the course of treatment. The recommended price is 150€/hour. If you book a package of 5 treatments directly, you pay 650€.

All my treatments are personalized. I combine my gifts and techniques to achieve the best result for you!

My treatments do not replace a visit to a doctor!

Special individual sessions

Amritabha Booster

Amritabha is a creation centre with a special energy that enables us to grow faster into our own greatness and authenticity. Each team member at Amritabha offers an individual work with a technique drawn from this energy.

My technique is called: “Self-Determination”, and with it I help you to leave inner dependencies and to experience the lightness of your self-determined life anew.

Half of the prize goes to Amritabha.

Price: 250€

Core competence “snowplough”

My core competence “snowplough” is something special, and brings you quickly from the “winter of the soul into the light of love”.

Price: 500€

6-Step Cleansing Treatment – Be yourself!

At the moment many people say: “I am so tired…”.
This is accompanied by concentration and memory problems, sleep disorders, depressive moods, anxiety. Also characteristic are physical symptoms such as aching muscles and joints that are not swollen, muscle weakness, painful swelling of the lymph nodes, sore throat, unusual headaches, gastrointestinal disorders. Sufferers sometimes can no longer tolerate certain foods or alcohol and may be sensitive to light and noise.

Does something apply to you?
Then this powerful 6-step cleansing technique may be for you:
Spike proteins are rendered harmless, you get back in touch with yourself and tired was yesterday 🙂

Price: 1.800€


From 150€


Ribeauvillé or online

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